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History of Lingerie – From Practical to Sexy

When we are heading to the fitness centre, we don't choose the same underwear we would if we were planning to seduce our partner. Today we can decide what lingerie we want to wear based on how we want to look, our moods and the shape of our bodies. Our choice is endless, and we have a lot of variety: satin babydolls, lace teddies, fishnet tights, silky robes and latex accessories. Lingerie is alluring, fashionable and supports our curves and men are fascinated as the layers of clothing slowly stripped away. In the old days, underwear was practical with no particular erotic meanings. Women wore underwear for three reasons: to modify their shape, for hygienic reasons and modesty. As fashion...

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History of Lingerie 2 – The Birth of Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur

On one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe was standing on a subway grate, and her white dress suddenly was blown up by a passing train revealing her underpants in the movie The Seven Year Itch in 1955. Lingerie was not practical any longer, it was all about glamour, but without showing too much skin. The 1950s gave birth to the pin-up, and it was a common motif in intimate apparel advertisements. Models like Bettie Page on the posters always were portrayed with a suggestive pose, emphasising the hips and chest. Pin-up gained popularity, and sexy lingerie became socially acceptable and more available. Corselets and bustiers were not hidden any more; they were shown with...

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Stripper Clothes – The importance of choosing the right ones.

How other people see us is depending on our appearance, behaviour, personalised style and also our clothing as todays stripper clothes are like a second skin, an inseparable part of our body. Our clothing is a form of non-verbal communication, it shows what kind of signals we want to send towards the world about ourselves and also represents our inner world. Our job allows instant transformation from an average, shy girl to a dominatrix or to a sexy secretary. The devil is in the detail of your Stripper outfits. We attract attention with the assistance of our stripper outfits. Professor Albert Mehrabian’s study (Silent Messages) contains lots of information about non-verbal communication. In the end of 70s, he developed his...

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