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5 ways to Gain Success. It all starts from the inside

5 ways to Gain Success. It all starts from the inside

  • Hairah Poingan

It is not enough simply to wait for inspiration to kickstart your forward progress. It doesn’t have to be something that happens to you, it can be something that you create. All progress and self-motivation starts with taking action. 

  • One action will lead to another. 
  • Action, and achievements, will create better outcomes and new experiences for you.

If you want to increase self-motivation to gain success, commit to achieving something specific every day. Even if it’s doing something for just 5 minutes, it’s often that little push that is enough to get them going and to increase motivation.

Here are the five ways to motivate and gain success:


  • You don’t have to let bad news and negativity ruin your day. Being positive means you are choosing to see the bright side of things.It means that you can recognise that struggle and pain are not the only things out there, even if they are the only things you can see at the time. Positivity means you see the best in other people, even if you have to really search for it. Even with pain and sorrow, being positive means that you can always find the good, and you are able to focus your energy on that.

    However, staying positive in life and at work is easier said than done. It is a conscious decision that you have to make on a daily basis. Positivity is about believing in the power of support and confidence and having faith that things will always get better.

    How to stay positive when things turn negative?

    • Write down what you have in your life
    • Write down what you have achieved in all those years.
    • Write down the names of your loved ones, call them.
    • Predict the worst situation and prepare 3 solutions for it.
    • Watch a movie and forget about the world for a few hours.
    • Run as far as you can to burn all your energies.
    • Write down the goals you want to achieve in 5 years.
    • Find a new hobby to explore something new.
    • Dress Successfully



  • Overthinking can lose your motivation easily, instead of thinking too much just stop thinking about anything, worse or good or anything. Do these things!

    1. Make a list of activities you want to do but never tried due to overthinking, just start doing them from a very small level(from riding a bicycle) to large Level(driving car).
    2. Appreciate People for their Good Deeds, you will get the same in return.
    3. Spend time with real people rather than social media.
    4. Don't try to find any motivational things on the internet, it's not the solution to your problem.
    5. Observe people who you think are happy and observe the way they solve their problems.
    6. Spend time with the youngest and oldest person in your family, share some good stories with them, this will refresh you more than anything else.


  • One of the things that reduces motivation and causes procrastination is that we measure our success not from how far we’ve come, but how far away we are from our dreams and ideals.

    If we can change our mindset and become more conscious of how our brain is working, we can set ourselves up for a motivation boost.

    We’re often at our happiest when we use our brains to problem solve, visualise, achieve and measure our progress.If you talk in specifics rather than generalities, there is an opportunity to feel happier and more energised.One way to do this is to start training your brain to measure specifics, which grounds your feelings in reality and can increase motivation.



  • Getting out of your comfort zone is hard because humans are wired to expect the worst-case scenario. Your brain wants to keep you safe, so you have a natural negativity bias — a stronger reaction to actual or anticipated negative events.

    When in your comfort zone, your brain doesn't want anything to change. Getting out of your comfort zone from time to time creates just enough good stress to ramp up your focus, creativity, pace, and drive, and it helps you respond to life stress when unexpected things happen. You need to break out of your comfort zone to achieve success in your life, career or anything you want to achieve.


  • You probably have goals and desires. But without the energy to pursue them, you won't get far. When you have compelling goals that you're committed to, you'll feel inspired to take the necessary actions.If you have no motivation to take action on your goals then they're not your goals. It's time to rethink what you really want.

    Nothing comes close to physical exercise to increase your energy and motivation. Regular exercise gives you mental clarity, improved cognitive function, happiness, and wellbeing. 

    It also gives you a better body and more self-confidence. When you're working out your brain releases serotonin, a chemical liked to well be and euphoria. If you need a boost in energy and motivation, physical exercise is the place to start.

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