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How To Become A Stripper

How To Become A Stripper

  • Hairah Poingan

Do you want to know how to become a stripper? If you decide that you are ready to become a stripper there are many things that you need to know prior to going and getting hired at a club of your choice.


The first thing you want to do is go to a club that you are thinking of working in- as a customer- during the desired shift that you wish to work. You want to see what the club looks like, who the customers are, what the other dancers are like, and if it is a place you can see yourself spending a decent amount of time at.


Ways You'll Need to Get Started


AUDITION: Now that you have picked a club you wish to work at it is time to audition. The attitude comes with just doing it for some and for others it's just how they are. It's all part of the sales game. You have to talk to each person in the mindset that you ARE going to sell them a dance. Some customers are easy sells while others take more work. If they don't want one from you ask if there is another girl that you can get for them. Try to remember who tipped you on stage then go around and thank them it's a perfect time to ask if they would like a dance.

I would ask the manager about the underwear and any other clothing questions you may have. Some allow "street" underwear and some do not. Some of the ones that don't really allow them will make an exception for your first night. Just wear what you have until you can invest in some actual dancewear.

As far as stretch marks /scars/ etc go, the light in strip clubs is very forgiving. I assure you other girls have them and you just can't see them due to the lighting.

Excelling comes differently for different people. There is a learning curve. It's all going to rely on how easy talking to people and getting people to do what you want is for you. Always remember that you are not there to make friends. You are only there to make money. There will be nights where it will be hard. There will be nights where you can't sell a dance to save your life. There will be customers that won't have a kind thing to say about you. There will be dancers that are complete bitches. You just have to not let it get you down and come back the next night because the next one may be the night of your life.

Dancing can be a fun job but it is still a job. No matter how bad night is you still have to look like you're having the time of your life. The day it stops being a job and becomes a lifestyle, the day that you need a drink before you can do your job, the day that you can't see yourself doing anything else it's time to quit. Dancing should be a stepping stone to something else and not your career choice.

Auditions are done differently by different clubs. Some clubs have you do amateur night, some put you on the main stage, some put you on a side stage, some have you dance for the manager only, some have you come in and they just look at you naked, and some come in and they just look at you in street clothes. Most clubs audition on a day or at a part of the night that's slow and there aren't a ton of people. Most will let you watch for a bit if it's in open hours so that you're a little more comfortable.

Congratulations! You got hired at the club of your choice and are now ready to start a career as an exotic dancer.



BE CONFIDENT: You need to be confident in your body; fairly athletic. An ability to interface with new people every day is key. The hours are typically evenings/late night which might not suit everyone. Give yourself a little credit, you have a job where people pay to see you dance and at most legit clubs the patrons are not allowed to touch you!

Stripping is about being SEDUCTIVE, not being a slut. Being a slutty stripper is cheap and easy. Being seductive takes the right mindset. You have to be confident that you will make all the money you planned to make for that night and if someone doesn’t want a dance form you then that’s their loss and you should move on to the next person who would LOVE to worship you.


AN OUTFIT: The kind of outfit you'll want to buy will depend on the kind of club you want to work at. "Gown" clubs are upscale and may have high fees and high earning potential, but can also be high-stress and require a sort of gaudy, revealing evening gown to work. In more down-to-earth nudie bars, you can pull off anything from a cute lingerie set to a stripper bikini. Look up local laws first. When you know what the club norms and local laws are, go to the website where you found your shoes and buy an inexpensive outfit. Don't spend a lot of money; you'll be making more soon and you can buy nicer stuff then.


STRIPPER ETIQUETTE: Now a very important topic, don’t skip this one! You want to make sure you mind your manners even in a strip club to avoid any hassles.

Don’t dance for the guys at the tip- rail this is where another entertainer is trying to make money just as you are and is often considered to be very rude. If you have someone sitting at stage who wants a dance make sure you take him to another area like the couches, private room or even V.I.P. also if you do take a customer from stage try to get him to tip the dancer or leave her some tips yourself before taking off to dance.If you are on stage with another entertainer pick up your tips when given to you and keep moving- share the good tippers with the other girl on stage and alert her to rude customers or someone handsy in a discrete manner.

Treat the other girls with respect and how you want to be treated as well. If sets are only one girl per stage make sure to BE ON TIME!  Don’t make the other girl before you wait.


PERSONAL HYGIENE: Make sure your hair is always washed, legs, armpits, and bikini line are clean and shaven or waxed, teeth are brushed and your costume is clean, you are someone’s fantasy and first impressions are extremely important. Also, avoid chewing gum on the floor, often it looks tacky and if it falls make a huge mess.

FINALLY: Stripping is SALES!

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