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Wear Face Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Wear Face Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

  • Magnus Morland

Since the start of The Covid-19 pandemic, recommendations on wearing face masks have been a passionate debate in the different governments and countries around the globe. As the virus exploded in many countries, the use of face masks by the general public has definitely boomed provoking soaring prices and major risks of supply constraints in the entire medical chain.

As a result in early March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) called the governments for a 40% increase in the production of protective equipment like face masks. 

There are many types of masks, each one has its uses ;

  • Surgical mask: It is used by Surgeons , but in the case of covid-19, it is used buy sick people to avoid inflecting others.

  • N95 respirator : Suitable for health care workers, it protects them from germs by blocking out at least 95% of small airborne particles.


So, mask-making has gotten more personal for the rest of us and more creative in design, as a result. It seems masks are becoming the fashion statement of 2020.

I have selected five fashionable masks to wear which have supported the entire medical workers’ communities during the pandemic. Travel safe, protect yourself and others in being fashionable. The mask is already the next must-have fashion item. 




The masks do not provide total protection. In fact, overall, washing your hand makes a bigger difference than wearing a mask. But better still, do both!

Masks slow down and block some of the flow of air and moisture from your mouth when you talk (and even when you breathe), thus protecting other people. They also stop some of the flow coming in, which is particularly important if you are near someone who is facing you and not wearing a mask themselves.

The virus can get through the holes in the mask, but not as easily as they would if you did not have it on. Of course, just as the virus is filtered out, so is some oxygen, so sometimes it becomes a trade-off, especially if you are already having breathing difficulties. The ideal in that situation is an “oxygen mask”, but how many of us have access to that?

A lot of officials are preaching against masks, but that is because there is a shortage of them. If the masks do not help at all, you have to ask yourselves why the doctors and nurses still wear them! : )

But bear in mind that masks gradually become full of germs themselves. It has been said that they are most effective only for the first hour or two. So it pays to have a back-up, especially if you are going to be around other people for more than a couple of hours. Also, you can wash one and leave it to dry while still having another one on hand.

Ideally, you should try to keep the mask as sterile as possible (e.g. ironing it after washing, and lifting it only by the straps). But, as it is not 100% protection anyway, a little bit of contamination may not make all that much difference, especially if it’s your own germs that you may be breathing in after you have touched the mask with your fingers.

I think one final argument for wearing a mask is just that it makes us more conscious of how often we touch our faces. We are less likely to touch our noses or mouths when wearing a mask. Read about the 6 most inspiring club wear Ideas.

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